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See the full list of my publications here:

1 / Laura Langone, Nietzsche: filosofo della libertà (Pisa: Edizioni ETS, 2019), pp. 204.

Abstract: this book explores Nietzsche’s conception of freedom, dealing with some of the most important concepts in Nietzsche’s philosophy such as the free spirit and the eternal return.

2 / Laura Langone, ‘Schopenhauer’s Buddhism in the Context of the Western Reception of Buddhism’, History of Philosophy Quarterly, 39.1 (2022),77-95.

Abstract: in this article, I focuse on Schopenhauer's notion of the Buddhist palingenesis and provide an overview of the Buddhist sources Schopenhauer read before the publication of the second edition of his main work The World as Will and Representation in 1844.

3 / Laura Langone, ‘The Gnoseological Meaning of Nietzsche’s Eternal Return and the Similarities with Emerson’s Thought’, Journal of European Studies, 50 (2020), 267-280.

Abstract: this article aims to show how Nietzsche’s theory of the eternal return is a post-metaphysical gnoseology. The enlightened man, wanting to attain knowledge of reality, must reproduce in himself this circular movement, which involves always experimenting with contradictory values throughout his life. He can never attain complete and definite knowledge of being, but only knowledge as approximate as possible to its true essence.

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